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Welcome whippet enthusiast! If you enjoy reading about the winsome and whimsical whippet, this is the place to be.  My poems here are just a handful from my whippet poetry library. Additionally, you can read a brief and colorful summary about the whippet's distinguished history and glimpse into an ancient time to a modern era of whippets in art.

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Dividers - Set 1





Gaston Phebus.



Albrecht Durer - Whippet Dog


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 About The Whippet ~

The sleek and slender whippet is a member of the sighthound family. Several sources have shown and revealed the earliest date of the whippet's existence as far back as to the time of Ancient Greece and even at the time of Egypt when it was ruled by the Pharaohs. Evidence has clearly shown that whippets were owned by royalty in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries.

The whippets modern origin and documentation dates back to the late 18th century. The first whippet was registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1888. The breed was mainly used for purposes of hunting small game and the sport of racing. the whippet was once considered a poor mans racehorse, other names given were "snap dog" and "rag dog". This whimsical whippet was derived from the crossing of the English greyhound, the Italian greyhound and the terrier breed.

In the modern era, the whippets status and talents include racing, lure coursing, competing and placing in prestigious dog shows and becoming a family pet. The whippets intelligence, demeanor, and independence constitute for a very charming and captivating friend and companion. Its elegance, gait, strength, and incredible speed simulate poetry in motion.

Whippets are very photogenic and have long been seen in and subjects in various artworks such as classic paintings, vintage photographs, sculptures, tapestries, and ancient wall carvings. Additionally, they have been written about in many stories and poems. The whippet's historical and artistic presence has emanated from all walks of life, from royal kings and queens to the modern day artisan.


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        ~ Whippets In Quotes ~

In shapes and forms of dogges; of which there
are but two sorts that are usefull for man's
profit, which two are the mastiffe and the little
whippet, or house dogge; all the rest are for
pleasure and recreation.
- JohnTaylor, the Water Poet,1630 -


If ever two canines of historical proportion,

of majestic and elegance,

that would be the greyhound and the whippet.

 - Darren M. Grine, the Whip-poet, 2007 -  




Dividers - Set 1



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