A Whippet Christmas

By  Darren M. Grine






On the night before the festive holiday

Everyone in the cozy house was tucked away

The snow had been falling all through the day

Between the children is where the whippet lay

During the night when all were sleeping

The whippet awoke to something creeping

Up above, the snowy roof started creaking

From the chimney, a stranger started speaking 



The man in the red suit says he is Santa Claus

Wagging with excitement, the whippet has to pause

Happily, the jolly man states that Christmas is his cause

Making his long awaited visit, he doesnt want any applause

Carrying a bag full of gifts, he walks across the wooden floor

His well rounded shadow dances as he passes the candle lit door

While he empties his bag, the whippet barks and requests for more   

Generously, Santa leaves more presents than hes ever done before   


The whippet licks Santas hand as he starts to leave

A smiling Saint Nick kneels down and pets him with care and glee

As they bid farewells, there are now gifts underneath the Christmas tree

Once Christmas morning arrives, the family will celebrate a holiday spree




 Copyright 2004 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.




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