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Darren M. Grine


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Darren M. Grine is a native of Colorado. He is a twice graduate of Pueblo Community College (1983-A.A.S. & 1993-State Certificate) and from Colorado State University-Pueblo (2005-cum laude) where he attained his B.S. Degree in Exercise Science, Health Promotion and Recreation (EXHPR) with a Minor in Education (K-12).

Some of the awards Darren received include, a Certificate of Recognition from The Writing Across the Curriculum Task Force and Southern Colorado Teacher Education Alliance for Commendable Achievement in 2004 and the Capps Capozzolo Award For Academic Excellence in 2005.

His hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, billiards, driving his Camaros, and watching his favorite sporting events of the NFL, NBA, and NHRA.

He got his first Whippet Winston on a cold day in January of 1982. Winston was wild and a free spirit and he lived life to the fullest. He loved going for rides in the car and truck and playing tricks on family members and friends. Winston loved to eat and was always looking for tasty treats. His zest for life and Whippet extreme inspired Darren to write whippet poetry. Winston lived to be 16 years young and he will never be forgotten.

The house was so empty after Winston's passing that Darren got a new Whippet in April of 1998, whom he named Wesley. Wesley is from Ohio and was flown to Colorado. Wesley is mild mannered and has a demeanor that of a royal crown prince. He is very sophisticated and very photogenic. Both of his parents were show dogs and the character is definitely displayed in his disposition and stature. Darren has and had the privilege of experiencing the mild to wild side of Whippets. He enjoys writing poems about his Whippets because of their winsome and whimsical behavior.

Darren also writes poems about his other dogs, nature (birds), and his Native American culture. Many of his Whippet poems have been published in Mary Magee's Whippet Watch Magazine and some of his other poems have been published in newspapers and journals. You can find his poetry available on several online websites.

Darren's thoughts on poetry are: "Poetry enriches the human spirit, it can bring a smile, it can make you sad, or it will make you laugh, it can soothe your heart's desire, and most importantly, it can give you closure". Darren feels that he captures the essence of Whippets in his poetry.


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