This page is dedicated to my good friends whose special and beloved whippets have passed on.

These special whippets will never be forgotten. Run Free to the Whippet Bridge.







 ~ Baby's Tribute ~



January 29, 1992 - November 20, 2006




By Darren M. Grine


You were there when I was born

A little ball of whippet, Im surely going to adorn


I know I was a handful at the start

But you were grateful with all your heart

You cared for me and always gave me a treat

Now Im so thankful and loyal no matter what the feat

I look forward to seeing you day after day

Licking your face is how I appreciate my stay 


We spend so much time together

 Our bond is strong as such, we will always weather

 Even though I show some wear and tear

Dont worry, my spirit is young and I will forever care


Our wonderful times, I will honorably treasure

The memories we share, I will always take pleasure


Copyright 2004 Darren M. Grine



~ Poem Dedication ~

I wrote and dedicated this poem to my good friend Susan Hayes and for her whippet Baby.


Baby's mother, Char had a litter of seven whippet puppies and Baby happen to be the smallest and sickest.

He was born with a cleft palate and nobody expected him to survive. He also developed pneumonia shortly

 after he was born. Since he was unable to nurse from Char because of the cleft palate, Susan had to feed

him with a little baby bottle and she had done that for several months until he was able to learn how to eat

on his own. Because Susan raised him, the everlasting bond between them became very strong. Baby never really

thought of himself as a dog or whippet, he was incredibly sweet tempered, and rarely barked. baby had slept on

the bed with Susan almost every night and day during his life. The only exceptions were only when susan went

out of town on occasional trips. Baby will be deeply missed by susan, her family, and all of her friends.



~ Niven's Tribute ~




~ Niven Oliver ~

May 27, 1997 - July 22, 2008


Niven Oliver Scanzello was a very special whippet, he brought many years of happiness and lots of joy to

 trish scanzello and her family. Trish and her family are very good friends of mine, along with nivens' special

 whippet brothers nigel and nickleby, and his beloved sister nell. Niven was well known in the whippet community

as well on the many of whippet web forums and discussion boards, He was deeply loved by trish and her family and

he gave them a lifetime of memories. Niven will be sorely missed by his family and by all of the others whose lives he touched.

 Niven oliver, you will be never forgotten. thank you for all of the memories.  




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