Calendar Whippet

By Darren M. Grine



January starts off with a brand new year

A time of resolutions along with revelry and cheer

 The whippet is ready to party no matter if it's there or here


February is the month of token love

The day of hearts is celebrated near and above

A whippet’s affection is a shoe in and fits like a glove


March bustles in like a roaring lion

 Flying a kite can be done while effortlessly trying

  A whippet soaring in the wind is impressively defying


April says that springtime is in the air

A day of foolish tricks is this month's affair

The whippet hunts for eggs instead of chasing a hare


May brings rain showers and sunshine

 A fresh new beginning is springtide's sign

The whippet will frolic and nap during this time


June is a time of vacations and sunny days

If it’s poolside parties or catching summer rays

The whippet will showboat and sport its crazy ways


July has the stretch where it's extremely hot

Fireworks on the fourth and picnics are always sought

The whippet outruns the swelter by lounging in a shaded spot


August has the dog days of summer's heat

With the hot season winding down it can be an added treat

No matter what the weather is, a whippet’s desire is hard to beat


September's Indian summer is so often tranquil

Mild days and the turning of leaves are ever so colorful

As autumn arrives, the free spirited whippet parades so fanciful


October says that warm weather is a thing of the past

This month’s celebration children go trick or treating for a blast

 Be wary, the whippet will make those succulent treats disappear so fast


November is the month of being thankful and gracious

We gather with family and feast on a dinner that is delicious

 Sitting by the table, the whippet expects everybody to be gratuitous


December brings snow and the long awaited holiday

 Colorful lights, decorated homes and trees are everywhere on display

Underneath the tree are presents and this is where the whippet will stay



Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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