By Darren M. Grine






Iím a whippet and I love to play

Savoring the moment to run all day


I wait for something to zip on by

Hoping to chase and catch it on the fly


While enjoying a scamper in the park

Iíll zoom recklessly and sometimes bark


If you turn to look the other way

 Iíll take off because I donít do as you say


You might think of me as breathless

At times my gutsy image makes me careless


With my long and tapered muzzle

Your newspaper becomes a frazzled puzzle


Even though I like to tear things apart

My irresistible grin will steal your heart


Most of my requests are outstanding

If itís not top of the line I start demanding


Food on the table becomes open game

If itís steak or pizza Iím always to blame


That loveseat in the corner I consider mine

If you want to sit here you better wait another time


My actions become a center of dispute

No matter the controversy I always look cute


I seem to go through life without a care

Many pause to admire me or just stop to stare


Even though Iím known as precarious

Iím a whippet, acclaimed to be intent and delirious



Copyright ©2005 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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