Extreme Whippet

By Darren M. Grine




 Many times Iím compared to a professional athlete

Enter me in a racing event and Iíll show you an awesome feat

 Hold on tightly because my performance will put you back in your seat


My life revolves around my favorite word speed

If Iím given anything fast to chase I will exercise my need

Meanwhile if you dare to challenge me you better take heed


I enjoy living and pushing everything to the edge

When Iím running in motion I look like a pointed wedge

Iím a fearless whippet and living in the fast lane is my pledge


At any given time Iím in a state of energize

From a deep sleep to a fast pace I quickly metabolize

If you witness this action you wonít believe your eyes


I can go full throttle twenty four-seven

Burning the candle at both ends puts me in seventh heaven

While a zeal for life and special privileges granted keep me driven


When youíre not looking I will take from your plate

If you find your entrťe missing it means that this meal was great

I regard this as abandoned because youíre not watching and I canít wait


Most likely I will lounge in your favorite chair

If you ask me to move Iíll just lay there and give you a glare

 I wonít flinch or budge even if you give me that determined stare


While you might think I get everything just in spite

 You have to realize that Iím sophisticated and it feels so right

Being waited upon is whatís expected from all day until the night


Sometimes I go to shows and trips by car or jet

My lavish lifestyle is one that no oneís going to forget

  Iíve been called presumptuous, but prefer extreme whippet better yet




Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.





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