Forever Whippet

By Darren M. Grine




I look forward to every day

Being with my master along the way


I知 a whippet and on top of the world

Dreaming of food and sofas soft and curled


While I expect the best without a care

 It has to be select because I will not share


I have a body that痴 built for speed

I値l take off at pleasure when I feel the need


   My ambitions are to run and tease

I live for the moment because I do as I please


I値l play outside adventurous and free

If I知 in the yard or park it痴 all about me


When we go for our long and exciting walk

While in route everyone wants to stop and talk


As we pause at the corner discount store

  You stop to buy treats for me as I bark for more


While parading along the bustling traffic

I値l strut my stuff and show my whippet magic


 Once at the park we値l play with my tennis ball

Like clockwork I値l bring it back every time you call


I値l ham it up and then run circles in the grass

Whether sprinting or leaping I知 never short of gas


 Hours and hours of enjoyment pass us by

Many draw interest because I grab everyone痴 eye


I attract attention no matter where I go

Soon I値l start charging to view my whippet show


We have to go now because it痴 getting late

I知 hungry and I値l be upset if I miss my dinner date


No matter where I知 at I am always the boss

After a hearty meal I知 ready for more catch and toss


Traditionally I go on my household stroll

 Tearing things apart and acting out of control


Since you don稚 approve I値l give you that tilted look

You continually give in and I知 consistently off the hook


By the end of the day I知 ready for my beauty rest

 Your cozy bed waits for me since it痴 my favorite nest


As I lay down to sleep I nestle in your blanket

I can稚 wait for tomorrow as I am forever whippet



Copyright ゥ2005 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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