Sabine A. Moosbrugger - Guest Poet


Even though Sabine has not had a whippet of her own, she is a friend of the whippets. She checked on Winston for many years while Darren worked long hours at work, and Winston always made it clear to her that he was in charge. The following poems are her accounts of Winston's personality.


The Whippet Song

by Sabine A. Moosbrugger


Listen, and I'll sing the song

Of the Whippets, wild and strong.

Tough they are, and sleek and lean.

If you cross them, they get mean.

Wise they are like ancient books,

And they're known for their good looks.


Store-bought bones can be their joy,

But they prefer a human toy.

Lightning fast they strike and snap,

Their jaws lock on you like a trap.

Humbly, you concede defeat,

Offering a tasty treat.


When with Whippets, you must strive

To get along and stay alive.

Bring them pillows, bring them food,

Put them in a happy mood.

Then, like me, you soon will see,

With Whippets is the place to be.


Copyright 2005  Sabine A. Moosbrugger




by Sabine A. Moosbrugger


I am a Whippet, wild and free,

I'm tough, and you don't mess with me.

I look real cute and soft and sweet -

I am, if you give me a treat.


But if you tell me what to do,

I'll growl, and I will bite you, too.

You want something? Say pretty please!

I still won't listen, I just tease.


Don't give me dog food, or I'll bite!

I want your dinner for tonight!

I sleep on pillows in your bed -

You can sleep on the floor instead!


I love to party hard, in style.

Don't wait for me, I'll be awhile.

I love good music, cars and food.

I play - if I am in the mood.


I'm fast and pretty, built for speed,

Don't try to put me on a lead!

I am as happy as can be,

The whole wide world belongs to me!


Copyright 1999  Sabine A. Moosbrugger


*Poems cannot be used without the written consent of the author.


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