Halloween Whippet

By Darren M. Grine




A blustery late October chilly night

Bustling leaves and a time of silly fright


Houses draped with stringy webbing

Jack o lanterns filled with candles ebbing


Howls and screams from all about

Hair raising experiences without a doubt


Overhead shines a full moon sky

Waiting intently is the whippet on the sly


Creepy creatures with ghastly faces

Children go hiding in their secret places


Siblings getting ready for Halloween

Trick or treating and hoaxes in between


Young ones eager and dressed to thrill

Lots of costumes clever and far too real


Boys and girls garbed as eerie ghosts

Vying for sweets and tons of friendly hosts


Little goblins go knocking on every door

Hoping for delectable eats and maybe more


Lurking about is the stealthy whippet

Watchful of every handout and every snippet


All gathering tasty treats need to be aware

Its almost time for a ghoulish whippet scare


An end of reaping is now approaching

The whippet is now ready for some hasty poaching


The moment calls for a cagey whippet prank

Snagging bags of goodies while zestfully swank


Now hoarding the freebies and grinning ear to ear

The whippet gloats gracefully and wears a wily sneer


While high jinks are made for this candy bandit

This night is all about mischief and the dandy whippet



Copyright 2005 Darren M. Grine

 Revised 10/6/2006





Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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