Plum Crazy


Darren M. Grine





When you awake, Iím there to rise and shine

As you get ready, I lay in your spot because that suits me fine


You call me to go out so I can do my act of nature

Swiftly I go, but want back in so I can be fed and thatís for sure


Happily, you fill my dishes with food and water

Although appreciative, I prefer something good and hotter


As you prepare breakfast consisting of bacon and toast

Iím at your feet demanding your food as I insist with boast


 I snag a crispy strip using my long narrow nose as a goad

While you look away I take another right before you hit the road


You kindly pet me as you walk out the front room door

Now I have the place to myself, I couldnít ask for any more


Sitting at the window I watch you back out of the driveway

Since Iím alone now, this is the time to have some fun and play


I head to the kitchen searching for food left on the table

Standing erectly, I lap everything up except for the package label


Curiously, I go digging through the baskets of trash

As I toss and tear things aside, I canít find any hidden cache


Easily bored, I shred every pillow and stain the new carpet

While I enjoy wreaking havoc, this is going to hit you in your wallet


After a long eventful day I lay down to get some rest

Even as I sleep, I'm waiting for you because you are the best


When you finally get home my tail is wagging with delight

As you survey the mess, my irresistible look makes everything alright


I know that my erratic behavior can make you hazy

Just remember, Iím a whippet, so that makes me by far, plum crazy



Copyright ©2005 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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