She’s a Whippet

By Darren M. Grine











You should think of her as a lady

With design features of an hour glass

Her magnetism will drive your heart’s desire crazy

Meantime she’s thinking nothing less than first in class


She enjoys being the center of attention

Splendidly showcasing for all who want to see

As she steps with etiquette, she's stylish in contention

While capturing the moment, everyone's gasping with glee



The elegance she possesses will awe and inspire

 This glamour girl will captivate for all who look her way

Sporting a well-groomed coat and tail, she doesn’t need any attire

 It’s possible that she will cameo in a movie or dance in a musical play


With an appetite for life and expensive taste

She believes that she is all of that and no one should fret

While expecting only the best, she accepts with delicate haste

Whether a beauty queen or princess, ultimately she’s a whippet



Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.




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