~ Wesley ~

1998 - 2012 


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In April of 1998, Wesley came to Colorado from a Ohio breeder at four months old arriving by airplane. He quickly adjusted and right away made himself at home. Wesley comes from a rich history of show dogs and he definitely displays it in his demeanor. He loves to eat, but is very finicky about his food and will only eat the things that are the most appealing to him. Wesley is mild-mannered, and emanates a very royal appeal, and also likes to be admired from afar. Like most whippets, he gets distracted and is easily bored.

Wesley loves to go for walks, especially at the nature trail. When he is outside laying in the grass, he poses as if an artist is going to paint him and as you can expect, Wesley is very dignified. He loves to lounge and is the typical couch potato that Whippets are famous for, but sometimes at nightfall it's a different story, he gets into a wild stage creating havoc. Wesley also enjoys to chew on rawhide bones and chase and catch the tennis ball.

For six years he enjoyed playing with his companion Blue, a heeler, and he was devastated when Blue passed away in January of 2004. Wesley now has a new friend named Cole who was adopted from a shelter at four months old in February 2004. Cole is a heeler like Blue, but has the similar traits of a whippet. Both Wesley and Cole are best friends and are inseparable. Sadly, Wesley passed and went to the Whippet Bridge in June 2012. He is dearly missed.



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