~ Blue ~


Sept. 1989 - Jan. 2, 2004


In February of 1990, Darren found Blue abandoned at his workplace and then took him home. It took Blue some time before he became comfortable with his surroundings, but not long after that, he became the most loyal and friendly dog anybody could imagine. He loved playing with children and other dogs. Blue was so grateful to Darren and loyal to Winston. He appreciated all the food and attention he got. Meantime, Winston made sure that Blue knew who the boss of the house was, but Blue did not mind.

Winston and Blue spent eight wonderful years together. When Winston passed away, Blue missed him sorely and looked for him all over the house. A few months later, Darren got another Whippet puppy and named him Wesley. Blue was very happy that he had a new companion. Blue was definitely man's best friend and he will never be forgotten. Thank you Blue for all of  the wonderful memories. Darren wrote a poem in memory of him. Here it is:




In Memory Of


The working day came to an end

 Itís payday, where was I going to spend

While departing, I caught my second wind


While in passing, something furry turned my head

Reluctantly, stopping there instead

There he lay, in back of a truckbed


How can a rancher dare

Tying a young Heeler to a spare

Graciously, I saved him from despair


How anyone could do this, I canít conceive

Happily, he came home with me

Somehow, it was meant to be


Weathered was he, but all was not lost

My gain became the rancherís loss

I would not part with my canine friend at any cost


Instinctively, both we already knew

The name he came to be, was Blue

Having a Heeler was all brand new


This special dog sent from above

His best trait, unconditional love

Angel is he, or symbol that of a white dove


Many wonderful years have passed

Memories of Blue and I will always last

Never will he become a thing of the past


Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine



~ Cole ~



After Blue passed on, Darren was searching the internet one night in February 2004 when he came across a whippet rescue link. He was curious about it, so he clicked on it to see if there were any whippets for adoption. However, when he clicked on the link, it took him to another site, and that's where he came upon a shelter site, where he saw a heeler up for adoption. When he called about him, he found that the heeler had already been adopted out, but that his brother was still available. The next day he went to the shelter to visit Cole and the rest is history.

When Cole arrived at the house, he made himself at home right away. He is very energetic and has a strong instinct to heel everybody. Wesley and Cole are now best of friends. They love to play together and wrestle each other to the ground. Cole tries to heel Wesley, but he can't catch a running whippet! Darren wrote a poem about Cole's adoption:


Take Me Home

By Darren M. Grine


One night you were searching on the net

Playing with the computer is your favorite pastime yet

But this evening you unknowingly surfed a cuddly new pet


Being that Iím a heeler I am a favored choice

When my pics downloaded you reacted with rejoice

All the while there was noticeable excitement in your voice


I had the face that everyone could adore

My shiny black coat you had to click for more

As a heartbreaker Iím sure to become tail-wagger lore


You called the shelter as if it was a hotel

My stay was temporary but it was more like a motel

Our paths crossing was one that would be easy to foretell


The next day you traveled to visit me by car

It was an exciting trip because the journey wasnít far

Once we met for the first time it was like wishing upon a star


As you picked me up I no longer felt alone

While you held me my affection was clearly shown

When asked if I wanted to go with you, I barked please take me home


    Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine



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