whippet border




Elegant amongst canine

Green fields of open spaces

 Chasing the distant goal




Intriguing long awaited questions

Time presents no answer

Mystery forever binds whippet lore



Gleaming without hesitation

Assertively brash, simply free

Independent is the whippet



Seasons of the past

 The whippet and greyhound

Foremost a noble history



Graceful beyond worthy

Ancient times and royal lines

Splendidly whippet pleasing


Windhund ( Wind Dog)

Shearing nature’s flurry

  Intention with unrestraint

Willfully running at pleasure



Traits of child-like play

Darting at will for the thrill

Whimsical becomes the whippet




Expected demands fully met

Determination delivers abundance

Whippet appeal seals the deal




Impulsive deeds of self-esteem

The whippet is all of that and more

Intentionally bold, snobbishly cold




Blurry awe-inspiring images

Superior whippet forces working

Opposition poses no competition



whippet border


Copyright ©2005 Darren M Grine


Haiku poems cannot be used without the written consent of the author.


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