Whippet Paradise

By Darren M. Grine





My long awaited arrival is to an unknown place

A new home with an owner with a different face

All I know this house better have plenty of living space


This unexplored domain is now considered mine

A well stocked kitchen, this is where I plan to dine

The posh decor and a king-sized bed will fit me fine


Many rooms are filled with plenty of chew treats

From the master bedroom to the living room sofa seats

Gnawing is the way I mark my territory and savor my feats


The backyard is fenced and has a plush green landscape

I believe this enclosure was built for me so I donít escape

This is best for me as I tend to get in trouble and easily scrape


Several times a week my new master and I go shopping

To the dollar store or nearby market, there is no stopping

When we get home my meal is prepared with a delicious topping


I love to be regarded with my best interest in mind

While your family and friends treat me ever so kind

You better appreciate me because I'm such an incredible find


I am considered overly assertive and eagerly bold

At times I donít want to be disturbed so I appear to be cold

Although I enjoy being praised from far away I can be hard to hold


I strive for the best and all is for not otherwise

My life is a closed book so all concerned need to improvise

With a life full of comforts and pleasures this is my whippet paradise



Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine




Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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