Whippet Profile

By Darren M. Grine







I am a small and speedy sighthound

A coursing event is where I can be found

Im so fast that I dont even make a sound


I appear frail, but actually Im quite sturdy

If you clock me I will be doing well over thirty

 Routinely Im bathed and groomed so I dont get dirty


At times I might either bark or growl

If I dont get my way I will show my scowl

Im a whippet so I dont believe in throwing in the towel


Im known to keep everyone on their toes

I play with reckless abandon so anything goes

Not paying attention to me will add to your woes


I like to find a good place to lie in the sun

After a restful nap I go looking for some fun

Raising chaos and then settling down is when Im done


I enjoy wallowing in the limelight

Prancing and dancing to everyones delight

This is part of my show that shines so bright


Even though I look like Im maintenance free

I expect to be waited on in the highest degree

Living the high life is the luxurious lifestyle for me


Sometimes Im compared to a king or a queen

I am catered to like any other royalty has ever seen

 I would rule the whole world and everything in between


My distinguished life can cause a rile

But I get away with everything all the while

If youre wondering, this is my whippet profile



Copyright 2004 Darren M. Grine



Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.




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