Winston  ∞

December 22, 1981 - February 18, 1998




















Winston arrived in a box of hay on a cold January day of 1982. He was only two weeks old and the runt of his litter, and his eyes were not even open yet. His mother had passed away, and he had to be bottle-fed around the clock. He was already determined to get out of that box, even though his eyes were still closed, he quickly succeeded. This gave an inclination of what the future held!

He enjoyed going for rides in Darren's truck and Camaros. He liked jumping on the pool table and playing with the balls and he loved listening to rock and roll music. He only had one speed and that was fast! Winston lived life to the fullest and had an unforgettable personality. Although he came in this life as the runt of his litter, he emerged and became larger than life! He lived to be 16 memorable years young. He is deeply missed and will never be forgotten. The Poem Winston, Tail of a Whippet and many of the other whippet poems are based on events in his life.


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