Tail of a Whippet


By Darren M. Grine








He arrived in a cardboard box full of hay

This event took place on a snowy January day

 Making himself at home, he knew this was the place to stay


The whippet puppy that fit in my palm

I knew he was the storm before the calm

After he chewed my hand, I needed to apply some balm


His color of coat was white and blue

Winston became his name, somehow he knew

Independent was he and wildly crazy too


As he grew, he was always playful

 Chasing the tennis ball, looking so graceful

Bright and clever, never thinking less than wonderful


 As an adult, he loved playing tricks

Chasing children is how he got his kicks

Some times giving them a face full of licks


Even the letter carriers got a scare

Posting a notice for all to dare

He didnít mind, because he did not care


Thoughts of him, I think of royal

One of his best traits, was that of loyal

Owning a whippet, you learn the art of spoil


A free spirited whippet, memories of he will always amass

Etched in time, sixteen years occurred all to fast

Winston, Tail of a Whippet, will forever last



Copyright ©2004 Darren M. Grine



Originally published in Whippet Watch Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 6


Poem cannot be used without the written consent of the author.



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